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Hydrogen capsules (plays)

To play a level on AlphaBounce you will need a hydrogen capsule:

Liquid Hydrogen Capsules are only available during the day on which you receive them. You will get 3 of them free every day!

Solid Hydrogen Capsules are accumulated even if you don't use them. You can buy some of them at the Bank or win them in the game.

What are coordinates?

Some missions will ask you to reach some coordinates in space, for example [5][-4]. The first number marks the horizontal position (5), the second indicates the vertical position (-4).

To find coordinates on the map, just move your mouse over the grid and the coordinates will appear under the cursor!


Shops are indicated on the map by big stars. These stars are the Merchant Guild's symbols. These shops contain many options that will help you improve your envelope.

If you finish the level at these coordinates, a merchant icon will appear at the bottom of your map.
Click on it to enter the shop.

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